Mission Goes Global

Possibilities for collaboration between students and organisations internationally

Mission Goes Global is a project aiming to inspire students to integrate international co-operation into their projects and theses. The project’s goal is to help companies and organizations communicate better and implement their stated mission, vision and strategy to potential new customers and partners on new markets internationally. Mission Goes Global means cooperation with people in business and working life, along with students internationally.

What does Mission Goes Global offer students?

Mission Goes Global enables students to do projects or write their theses in an international environment. Students work for a company of their choosing and share their expertise with students from other countries through the project. This collaboration brings additional value to a student’s thesis, making it possible to offer more creative solutions to specific businesses. Along with such collaboration the student gains practical experience on a real-life international project work. You can read more about our theme group and the benefits such a project offers to students here.

What does Mission Goes Global offer companies?

Mission Goes Global offers businesses a chance to successfully develop the implementation and communication of their mission, vision and strategy on new markets internationally. Students from HAAGA-HELIA and our partner schools can in cooperation with each other offer companies added value in form of language skills and understanding of different markets. You can read more about the benefits for companies here.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Haaga-Helia is a private university of applied sciences with more than 10 000 students. We have operations in three cities, with five campuses: Porvoo, Vierumäki and three campuses in Helsinki. Haaga-Helia offers degrees in the following fields of study: business, information technology, the hotel, tourism and restaurant sector, multilingual management assistant degree, journalism, physical education and vocational teacher degree. Many of these studies have courses available in English, too. At Haaga-Helia students have the opportunity to study a number of languages. Russian, Spanish, German and French, for example, are included in our broad language selection.

At Haaga-Helia, in addition to completing a bachelor’s degree, you can also complete a master’s degree, participate in supplementary studies or take studies in the Open University of Applied Sciences.

International co-operation plays a major role at Haaga-Helia. Teacher and student exchange programs, as well as joint programs with partner universities involving learning and development, are part of our everyday operations. Every student has the opportunity to complete a semester of student exchange at one of our 200 partner universities, in 42 countries. In addition, some of these partner universities offer the possibility to complete a double degree, where a student studies abroad for two semesters. Upon graduation, such a student receives a diploma from both Haaga-Helia and our partner foreign educational institution. Haaga-Helia also guides and supports students in finding and organizing internships abroad.

In addition to educating experts in the business and service industries, Haaga-Helia researches and actively develops expertise related to these fields by, for example, coming up with new and innovative solutions to problems in business and learning.


2 thoughts on “Mission Goes Global

  1. Inam looking for a meaningful thesis,
    And would like to do it in a global environment.

    I have done internship in an organic grain distributor business in Belgium,
    I have also studied in Vancouver, Canada,
    And have possibility to visit family of my husband in Mongolia.

    I am also interested in supporting a Finnish company go global/abroad, and have discussed with Ruskovilla, company that produces organic merino wool products.

    All those countries are anninteresting destination for thesis study,
    And I would like to hear more about the framework that you offer.

    I am a MUBBA student at Haaga-Helia and beginning thesis work in Spring 2016.

    Kind regards,
    Petra Erkko

  2. Want to go global?

    Interested in working with an internationa project and gaining credits at the same time? Are you a person with can-do attitude and a person, who loves to use creativity? Mission Goes Global is looking for a project assistant!

    As a project assistant you will attend meetings and be part of the development of communications and marketing. At the same time you can put your leadership skills into test for example when coordinating the language project students.

    Mission Goes Global is a project in Haaga-Helia. Its aim is to encourage students to implement their thesis in international co-operation. As a project assistant you will see what it means to work as a project assistant and support a new project and at the same time give your dedication to help the project go further.

    If you are interested or have any further questions, you can contact the project manager Eija Kärnä: eija.karna@haaga-helia.fi

    Go Global!

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