10 Reasons to join

10 reasons to do your thesis in Mission Goes Global -project

  1. Get an important topic for your thesis
  2. Get useful experience on real-life international project work
  3. Great chance to network globally
  4. Get understanding of markets in different countries
  5. Possibility to do your thesis during/ after your student exchange on an interesting topic
  6. Get a close insight of internationalization of a company
  7. Maintain and improve your language skills
  8. Great chance to improve your project management skills
  9. Get a close insight of startup life
  10. Forget about boring theses and combine learning and doing

What is Mission Goes Global?

Mission Goes Global is an international project aiming to connect students and companies internationally. Mission Goes Global helps students find companies to cooperate with. Together the students can help companies improve the communication and implementation of their stated mission, vision and strategy to potential new customers and partners on new global markets.

How to join?

Contact Project Manager Marjaana Halsas: marjaana.halsas(at)haaga-helia.fi,
tel. +358404887326 or Eija Kärnä: eija.karna(at)haaga-helia.fi, tel. +358404887334.