DBTechNet is an initiative of European education institutions and IT-companies to set up a transnational collaboration scheme of higher level educational establishments, IT enterprises and vocational training centres who will collaborate in order to achieve a three-fold goal, namely:

  • Developing public educational/training material and references, including free VM based laboratories and tutorials, on database/data access technologies, big data and data analytics
  • Design and develop both live and virtual workshop type course modules on selected database topics that will address the wide spectrum of new trends, backed by online support from a network of educational and IT professional experts
  • Bring together academia, students, professionals and companies creating a knowledge and employment marketplace..

The Web is the standard computing platform for the development of new generation information systems. The emergence of new applications (analytical and knowledge discovery software, portals, transactional Web services, etc.) drives the search for more robust and scalable tools to support data management running on the Internet.

Other sites of DBTechNet:
– Multi-lingual web site of DBTech VET
– DBTech Courses at DBTechNet Portal
You can meet us also in the LinkedIn group DBTechNet.
For more information or to become a member please contact us via email.

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