E-DECO training in Lithuania

First set of project results was implemented in the turn of the month (September-October 2014). Ten teachers and trainers met in Marjampole in Lithuania. During the one week training, the tools for coaching and the methods enabling and enforcing entrepreneurial thinking were tested and adopted. Furthermore, the different virtual platforms and tools were presented in coaching framework and trainees were encouraged to apply them in practice. The learning process of the new trainers was supported with workshops, peer-to-peer working and by adapting a practical approach.altAqKjXOkSEXO3I2Sk0Eo5ez5wLRYMoAw0p05-ZO_m965F

Participants came from all partner organizations, and learning facilitators came from Finland. The vast coaching experience of the Dutch participants was useful in terms of completing the overall learning of the participants and project aims. As a highlight of the week, the virtual tool (originally named AIT – animated interactive tool) was named as E-DECO game 1.0, and presented to participants. The game was sent for final modifications to be ready for use when local teacher training pilots take place in spring 2015.

Variation to the heavy and long working days brought a visit to the town hall to meet the Mayor of Marjampole. The days were topped off with walks in the beautiful  green zone nearby and with a relaxing evening program. The hosts from Lithuania did not forget to orientate guests to their culture. The guests had a change to familiarize themselves with the local food and history of language.muokattu kuva res 140

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