Getting there – celebrating the results

E-DECO results, the E-DECO game, the pilots, the trainer kit, all the learning material, reports etc. are ready to be published or partners are putting the finishing touches to them before releasing. The results of the project are found on the separate result sub-page. >>

IMG-20150526-WA0003  WP_20150527_010 WP_20150526_002

The final partner meeting in Harderwjik, Nethrlands in June 2015 demonstrated the good work done since the project started. The Pilots were completed in Finland, Spain, Lithuania and Netherlands. The UK is getting ready by end of June 2015. The participation was from widely from different areas of education and varied in each country. In Finland the participant were inclined to support business start ups, in Netherlands they were future teachers still in teacher’s academy in Lithuania and Spain the participants came from the local networks of the partner and UK managed to support the teacher’s motivation of merging institutions.


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