Are you interested in developing coaching, digital competence and innovation mindset as a teacher or for your staff?

Participants at EfVET from the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey expressed interest in upcoming E-DECO teacher training courses. Apart from potential future training courses in each partner country (see partner list and contact details on the website), we will inform of the possibility to participate in a new E-DECO international teacher training course in 2016.

E-DECO tools have already been adopted into VET teacher training provision in all 5 Finnish teacher training programmes

Although E-DECO is a teacher training programme, anyone can freely download and use relevant tools from the E-DECO Learner Pack in EN-ES-FI-LT-NL. Training and supporting teachers in 3- 5 day courses with interspersed e-coaching is nonetheless optimal.

For any further information, please contact us.

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