E-DECO at the EfVET Conference 2015

E-DECO reached many European stakeholders in VET and Higher education at the annual EfVET Conference in Paphos, Cyprus. The project coordinator, Annarikka Martikainen from Haaga Helia Finland and Spanish-Basque partner Cherith Megaw from Politeknika Txorierri presented the project at two round tables attended by VET directors, teachers and coaches from Finland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Denmark and the UK. Partipipants at the round table were able to sample two or three of the E-DECO tools designed to help teachers advance their skills and innovate their role in education, namely one coaching method called the Decision Balance, a short improvisation game to stimulate innovation and openness (Yes, and…) and the digital interactive game – P´s of Cake. The 3 strands of the E-DECO project – coaching development and the exploration of digital tools and innovation – all aim to support teachers be “edupreneurs,” and inspire and support students towards the same aptitudes and attitudes.

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