What is E-DECO

Coaching is a powerful method to engage students to take responsibility. Coaching also liberates teachers from the burden of must know it all. Good coach manages the coaching relation so the coached to take the action and the responsibility for decision.
Knowing of different and continuously renovating e-tools or virtual tools are challenging for many teachers but also the students tend to use virtual element for recreational purposes only. The same tools are applicable for teaching and for coaching. In the project the coaching is taken out of the traditional person to person concept to a digital environment, too.
In E-DECO project (Developing teachers’ skills on coaching, e-environments and entrepreneurship) there was transferred and developed coaching tools and e-tools to support the entrepreneurial mind-set of the teachers as well as the students. General coaching skills may be wildly useful in teacher’s work. E-DECO focuses on improving teacher’s coaching skills to support the students to build the entrepreneurial mind-set but also helps teachers to meet the students having entrepreneurial ambitions and plan to set up a business.

E-DECO is an EU Life long learning program (2007-2013) funded project aiming to develop teachers skills and competences in coaching. E-DECO is a follower for two previous EU projects: Entre Coach 2010-2012 and BeSTrain 2011-2013. E-DECO started in October 2013 and it continues until September 2015.


In the E-DECO project 10 teachers from 5 EU countries will be trained to use coaching methods and e-tools to stimulate entrepreneurial attitudes and activity.


How can teachers foster passion among their students for what they do?

How can we meet the competence needs of the changing world of work?

How can we incorporate confident use of e-tools in supporting learning?

How can we foster entrepreneurship among our students?


Coaching tools to support learning – including entrepreneurial spirit and activity

Activities to develop courage and self-confidence

Work life skills support

Virtual tool to encourage entrepreneurial thinking


E-DECO targets teachers, trainers and advisers

Final beneficiaries are students who may be considering running their own business.