Transfer of Innovation

The aim of Leonardo da Vinci (LLP)  Multilateral Projects ‘Transfer of Innovation’ (TOI)  is to improve the quality and attractiveness of the European VET system by adapting and integrating innovative content or results from previous Leonardo da Vinci Projects, or from other innovative projects into public and/or private vocational training systems and companies at the national, local, regional, or sectoral level.

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The process for transferring innovative training content or results will include the following:

  • Identifying and analysing targeted user requirements
  • Selecting and analysing innovative content to meet these requirements and analysing the feasibility of transfer
  • Integrating (or certifying) it in European, national, regional, local and/or sectoral training systems and practices.

This implies:

  • Adapting it to the training systems, culture, needs and requirements of targeted users (updating the product, etc.)
  • Transferring it to new socio-cultural and linguistic contexts
  • Using it in new sectors or new target groups, including piloting it in public or private training structures

E-DECO is a TOI project of two previous LLP projects EntreCoach and BeSTrain