Ready for Pilots

E-DECO project is getting ready for National Pilots

E-DECO partners are getting ready for pilots while the international project team is getting ready with training materials. The last comments on the materials were collected in the workshop held in Bristol Jan 2015 and the completing work was done soon after that.

Training material have three parts. The Explore E-DECO booklet serves as orientation for training. Jointly compiled trainer kit is collection of tools – tips, links, training materials, power point slides etc. This kit is a library of ideas and tools that can be used in National Pilots. The national learner kits are collected from the trainer kit and vary from country to another.

Explore E-deco is available in five languages and it is open for all public. The trainer kit is also ready for the pilots but the final version is polished in the last project meeting in Netherlands. The national learner kits are in the process and the public versions are release after the Pilots.

The dates for training are set and the participants are mainly chosen. The National training are held in National language.

For these who are interested there is a change to participate in some of the countries. If interested please contact the person in charge of each country. News also out in this site.

Finland is organizing an additional training besides of the official Pilot. The E-DECO tasting takes place on April 22nd, at 12-15, in Haaga-Helia Pasila Campus, Ratapihantie 13. Language used: Finnish



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E-DECO training in Lithuania

First set of project results was implemented in the turn of the month (September-October 2014). Ten teachers and trainers met in Marjampole in Lithuania. During the one week training, the tools for coaching and the methods enabling and enforcing entrepreneurial thinking were tested and adopted. Furthermore, the different virtual platforms and tools were presented in coaching framework and trainees were encouraged to apply them in practice. The learning process of the new trainers was supported with workshops, peer-to-peer working and by adapting a practical approach.altAqKjXOkSEXO3I2Sk0Eo5ez5wLRYMoAw0p05-ZO_m965F

Participants came from all partner organizations, and learning facilitators came from Finland. The vast coaching experience of the Dutch participants was useful in terms of completing the overall learning of the participants and project aims. As a highlight of the week, the virtual tool (originally named AIT – animated interactive tool) was named as E-DECO game 1.0, and presented to participants. The game was sent for final modifications to be ready for use when local teacher training pilots take place in spring 2015.

Variation to the heavy and long working days brought a visit to the town hall to meet the Mayor of Marjampole. The days were topped off with walks in the beautiful  green zone nearby and with a relaxing evening program. The hosts from Lithuania did not forget to orientate guests to their culture. The guests had a change to familiarize themselves with the local food and history of language.muokattu kuva res 140

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Productive team meeting in Bilbao in June

Bilbao team rajattu E-DECO international project team met in June to wrap up the project work done by then. The atmosphere in the meeting was extraordinary and despite of the heat, the meeting was productive and successful. The evening programs strengthened the network, and personal connections were cemented through Basque hospitality and mainly through friendly encounters with Spanish and Dutch football fans.

AR ja Richard nettiin


Management of the project concentrated on creating good communication and documentation procedures. The main tools were quality management and dissemination plans – both effective tools.

To be adjustedE_DECO Bilbao_1

The Pre-Analysis Questionnaire gained 139 responds and the analysis based on them was sent for final adjustments. However, the curricula for the first course (train the trainer) based on the draft version was successfully presented. The pre-analysis questionnaire link remains open for interested, though no more answers are taken into account.

Tyopoytä Bilbao


Adaptation of the virtual tool is a challenging topic for the partnership since kick off. During the workshops the project team managed to pull together story lines and content structure. Next step by Lithuanian team is to hand out the task for IT company. The tool should be ready before the training of trainers in Lithuania in September 2014.

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The kick-off meeting

E-DECO_DSC_0041 The kick-off meeting of the new E-DECO project, coordinated by HAAGA-HELIA, was held on the second week of January. E-DECO is one of the biggest projects in HAAGA-HELIA at the moment.  The kick-off was about planning, discussing, agreeing, and most of all, getting to know each other so that the cooperation will be as fluent as possible during the next two years. Pictures were taken during the entre-coach workshop, which was run by Marika Alhonen and Kitte Marttinen from HAAGA-HELIA. The coaching skills of the teachers will be developed with the entre-coach tools, which were developed in Finland, the UK and Spain. E-DECO_DSC_0042

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