HAAGA-HELIA’s blog service is open for HAAGA-HELIA staff’s expert blogs and for students’ factual-content blogs. The purpose of blogs is to strengthen HAAGA-HELIA’s expertise, create networks and spark discussions according to the HAAGA-HELIA principles for using social media.

As a HAAGA-HELIA blogger, you represent HAAGA-HELIA and help create an image of HAAGA-HELIA and its activities. For this reason, when you start using blogs maintained on the HAAGA-HELIA server, you must agree to follow the following conditions of use for blogs. As a service provider, HAAGA-HELIA has the right to change, specify and update the conditions of use. When significant changes are made to the conditions of use, users are separately asked to approve the changes. Otherwise, the user agrees to follow the effective conditions for use:

  • People may blog, according to the HAAGA-HELIA principles for using social media, about HAAGA-HELIA or associated activities, such as teaching, research and studies. HAAGA-HELIA blogs are not intended for commercial, ideological, political or religious activities. The exceptions for political activities include Academic Board elections and the operations of student organisations or their affiliates and staff trade unions.
  • Blogs and blogging are subject to the HH conditions of use for information systems and networks, netiquette and the HAAGA-HELIA principles for using social media and the Ethical principles of HAAGA-HELIA.
  • Blogs are primarily public. However, blog keepers can limit the visibility of their blog. Bloggers can, if they wish, get their blog included in the HAAGA-HELIA blog directory.
  • Blogs are written under your own name, not anonymously. Blogs and blog entries represent the personal views of bloggers and not necessarily the official view of HAAGA-HELIA.
  • Bloggers are responsible for the contents of their blogs. They publish and edit comments and, where needed, delete inappropriate comments. The communications, marketing and alumni unit has the right to remove inappropriate texts, images, other material or comments and close blogs if necessary.
  • Copyright to content remains with the creator. Bloggers may give HAAGA-HELIA the right to use the contents of blogs published using the HAAGA-HELIA blog platform in the communications, marketing and publishing activities of HAAGA-HELIA and its partners in all publication platforms, digital information networks and services.
  • Respect people’s privacy. Consider what sort of things are appropriate to write about the private lives of others without their knowledge. This particularly applies to publishing messages intended as personal.
  • Also respect your own privacy. Everything you publish in your blog is public and can be found using search engines, for example, with your name even years later.
  • Ask permission before publishing images or video about private events of colleagues and other private persons.
  • Check that you have the right to use the material you publish, see Kopiraitti and the copyright guide for teachers.