It´s me here (a complexity of placed us)

Last Friday and Saturday (3rd and 4th of May) ware really inspiring days for me. I took part a workshop organized by Otavan opisto and facilitated by my friend and colleague Micheal Sean Gallagher. It was all about learning in movement, either in discussions, activities or field works. Micheal has written a nice write-up about the meeting and I did two collages of mine as well.  I personally field worked and produced the outcome in a team, which was interested in figuring out a mobile learner´s (new) habitus.

We tried to condense our chattings by a statement “Communication goes from inside out but is out nor in. It just is.”.   That is to say  in mobile learning using  technology as tools people in movement are connected with each other in  situ of theirs. Learning happens first and foremost in communications which are based on individual initiatives to grow up to responsiveness. Mobile learner´s  habitus seems lonely or separate from others, but it is a delusion.  Communication is built in pervasiveness of physical-virtual people and is present even in the seemingly lonely habitus of mobile-device-interactive individuals.  The pondering above was a trigger for thinking over the complexity in Pedagogy of Simultaneity (PoS).

When complexity of space and place  is examined in PoS context, it means that an actual physical place (e.g. me writing this at our summer cabin) is tangible and nested with the visible surrounding  like forest and lake including a separate sauna building, a pier on lake shore, a terrace connected to outdoors kitchen etc.  places of “mine”. These near places are part of city of Jyväskylä, region of Central-Finland, Finland etc., and I can perceptually (and mentally) travel in these places while writing just now. The writing itself takes place by a laptop, which is connected with my virtual worlds in Facebook, Twitter, numerous web sites (a moment ago I watched a video from New York, and I´m still partly there) etc.  I am also working online with my work mates to prepare next teacher training contact period – not intensively, but commenting something on our Google+ community.  These physical and virtual places keep inside them real people.  A moment ago I raised my hand to greet our neighbour passing by. I emailed to a colleague in UK, liked a FB message of my son in Germany and answered the call of my wife.

The physical-virtual-social space of mine at this continuing while is thoroughly complex. It consists of lots of dynamically interactive elements (cf ), which are not countable, but still form quite an ordinary coexisting reality of actual me. We all human people are in corresponding situations all the time.  We have always been, but especially vivid and abundant it has become by contemporary world´s  immersive mobile technology.  This complexity is the space of mLearning and mLearner as well.


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Teacher educator and Project consultant at HAAGA-HELIA School of Vocational Teacher Education.
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