Ellen Pullins, marketing and sales professor from Toledo worked at Haaga-Helia

Ellen Pullins, Professor at the University of Toledo, US experienced Haaga-Helia as a Fulbright scholar for three months from January to March 2015.


Ana Timonen (left), Timo Kaski, Ellen Pullins and Sirpa Holmström enjoying a coffee break and talks.


During her stay, Ellen taught Bachelor and Master students in marketing, sales and international business, actively engaged in Mania research project,  helped to develop and keynoted a sales summit for corporate partners, alumni and students, met with the sales faculty on curriculum re-development and joined many other activities too.

We asked Ellen about her impressions of working with us. Ellen enjoyed the time in Finland and her work with Haaga-Helia staff and students.

-I made some great colleagues and friends with whom I hope to stay in touch with for many years to come.

Ellen feels she quickly integrated into the Haaga-Helia community – she knew some colleagues from before that helped but says that as a visiting scholar it is also important to actively go and talk to people. Ellen was happy that she had the opportunity to meet with Haaga-Helia colleagues from different units.

-There are many interesting things going on that deserve to be shared.

Ellen would like to encourage Haaga-Helia colleagues to the “out of the unit” thinking and more encounters and cooperation between the units and groups.


Text Sirpa Holmström
Photo Susan Heikkinen

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