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Service sprint for new luxury  

Service sprint for a new luxury project is about training new luxury responsible service experiences for the management and staff of restaurant, accommodation, event, and tourism companies in the Uusimaa region so that they can quickly and agilely develop their products and services to better quality and expertise. 

The project aims to increase companies’ skills and ability to adapt to ever-changing situations. These business sectors have suffered dramatically from the corona crisis. 

The new luxury differs from traditional luxury and aims for a holistic customer experience that emphasizes the perspective of sustainability. Studies have shown that our Finns’ perception of luxury is distant due to our equal culture, and our service culture is largely based on self-service. Also, research has shown that we do not know how to make sustainability aspects visible in our operations or communicate them. 

These aspects of development combine in the perspective of the new luxury and the project’s goals, as today’s domestic and international consumer expects a very excellent customer experience from the service, which is functional, high-quality, and generates value in sustainable business.  

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The aim of the project

The aim of the project is to raise the professional skills of the management and staff of the tourism and restaurant operators affected by the corona pandemic to meet today’s demanding consumers. With the help of the training, the company can create a better customer experience and raise its product to the level required by the new luxury, which will hopefully also be reflected in its cash flow. Furthermore, raising the staff’s professional skills is essential in the service sector, as the person’s role as an enabler of the experience is great in customer encounters.

The project aims to increase competence through training and peer learning to respond to the crisis caused by the sudden change in the pandemic and create continuity for the company’s operations, with a view to internationalization.

In the long term, the project results aim to strengthen Finland’s international competitiveness and attractiveness as a whole in the operating tourism environment.  

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