H5P and Moodle

H5P is a tool integrated with the Moodle. With H5P you can create interactive content into your Moodle course. There are over 40 different H5P content types available in the Moodle. In the videos below Hanna Tani, lecturer at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, presents H5P and shows how you can create content with it in your Moodle course. The presentation slides are also available.

Creating Content with H5P
Part 1 – What is H5P? What can you do with it?

Creating Content with H5P
Part 2 – Part 2 – How to create and edit content with H5P?

Creating Content with H5P
Part 3 – Part 3 – How to use H5P content and activities in the Moodle?

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